APEC 2021


Osama Al-Jabban

Guided Endodontic Phenomena and Reality


Cone beam computed tomography can be used in difficult cases in which conventional radiographs do not provide sufficient information on the morphology of the tooth and its surroundings , This 3D information can be merged with the surface information of the teeth acquired with an intraoral scanner in order to design and 3D print a guide for treatment .

Recently, the concept of guided endodontics has been reported, in which computer-designed guides are used for access cavity preparation and endodontic surgery, in order to achieve predictable and safe results . Pre-clinical studies have reported a high accuracy of the procedure when comparing the drilled path to the planned treatment without being influenced by the operator’s experience. Additionally, the use of a guide for treatment may reduce chair time. This novel concept could help clinicians during treatments, it may avoid unnecessary removal of tissue, avoiding complications and therefore, improving the prognosis of treatment .Nevertheless, a review and quality assessment of the literature is needed to compile all available information and give an overview on what is known about this treatment concept. The purpose of lecture is to  review the literature regarding the clinical applications, accuracy and limitations of Guided Endodontic treatment, focusing specifically on guided endodontics access cavity preparation and guided endodontic surgery. General objectives are as follows:

 • Describe the clinical applications of guided endodontics.

 • Report on the accuracy of guided endodontics.

 • Describe the limitations of guided endodontics.

All of these objectives will be covered in the lecture with a close scope about minimal access cavities and the use of digital workflow in the field of endodontics with clarification from the research has been held in Damascus University .

Short cv

Dean of the faculty of dental Medicine\Damascus University, 2019 Till now.

Vice Chairman of Syrian Board Of Endodontics, 2018 Till now

Vice president of the Syrian Endodontic Society 2018 till now.

Past Vice Dean of the faculty of dental Medicine \Damascus University 2017-2019.

Professor of Endodontics\Damascus University,2003.

Past Head of Endodontic Department \Faculty of Dental Medicine –Damascus University 2015-2017.

Head of the Microscopes Dental Lab\Faculty of dental medicine \Damascus University ,2020. 

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