APEC 2021


Roeland De Moor

The intriguing world of laser-activated irrigation


Pulsed erbium lasers are not the most commonly used devices in dentistry. However, they have earned their place when it comes to effectively activate irrigation solutions during root canal treatment.

The fluid mechanics during operation indicate specific hydrodynamics (cavitation is the key). Furthermore, the approach is unique: at present vigorous fluid agitation throughout the whole root canal system is created without placing the tip of the laser fiber inside the canal and this makes the approach unique.

Operating such pulsed erbium lasers requires a certain understanding of the technology: different parameters are to be adjusted, all of which affect the interaction between the laser beam and the irrigation solution (specific laser target interactions).

During this presentation the principles and physical basis behind the technology are explained. The cavitation process is supported by high-speed imaging videos and clinical cases are shown. Root canal cleaning and disinfection, as well as interaction with the biofilm are discussed. Attention is also paid to risk of extrusion and post-operative pain considering the intense fluid dynamics inside the root canal.

Short cv

Prof. dr. Roeland De Moor is ordinary full professor at the Ghent University (UGent - Belgium) , Section of Endodontics / Department of Oral Health Sciences and guest professor at the Medical University Vienna (Austria), School of Dentistry. He combines the academic position with extensive clinical practice.

The research of his group is focused on root canal cleaning and disinfection a.o. with laser activated irrigation and light activated nanoparticles, the use of lasers and light in endodontics such as Laser Doppler Flow Metry and dental laser bleaching. 

His referral based clinical practice is focused on (pediatric) endodontics, dental traumatology, judicial orofacial damage assessment and dental laser bleaching.

He gives lectures worldwide on the use of light and lasers in endodontics, root canal irrigation and disinfection, on dental laser bleaching, and on the application of nanotechnology for endodontic purposes. 

He is (co)author of more than 150 international peer reviewed articles. He has published 20 book chapters and (co)-edited three books. He is also member of the editorial board of the International Endodontic Journal, Journal of Endodontics, and Journal of Adhesive Dentistry.

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