APEC 2021


Eugenio Pedullà

The Paradigm Shift in Endodontic Kinematics: the Instantaneous Control of CanalPro Jeni Motor for a Fully Automated Shaping Procedure


Kinematics of endodontic motors changed in the last years deeply. Mechanical nickel-titanium (NiTi) instruments were used in continuous rotation or reciprocating motions. 

However, continuous rotation does not protect the NiTi instruments to the torsional fracture; reciprocation could transport or extrude debris apically. 

Pros and cons of the different kinematics related to endodontic procedures and instruments will be discussed critically following the findings of the most recent literature available and their relationship with the clinical experience. 

Moreover, the new perspective in endodontic kinematics as the new fully automated, electric controlled, “Jenì” movement of CanalPro Jeni motor and its “self-driving mode” and “shaping guided irrigation” algorithm will be discussed. 

Finally, different way to use the automatic Jeni motion will be suggested in order to exploit the benefits of this new movement in connection with different kind of NiTi instrumentations.

“Hands-on” workshop on CanalPro Jeni motor and Hyflex EDM, 2shape and OneCurve instrumentations 

Overview on:

1) basic principles of CanalPro Jeni motor and paradigm shift of shaping concepts with the “Jenì motion”

2) Features of the “Hyflex EDM”, 2Shape and OneCurve rotary instruments

3) What instruments and sequence use depending to the anatomy of root canals.


- To Understand pros and cons of different shaping movements and the novelty of Jenì motion; 

- To Discuss the benefits of Canal Pro “Jenì” self-driving mode and its “shaping guided irrigation”;

- To Suggest how to use “Jenì” automatic motor and the Coltene/Micromega files as Hyflex EDM, 2Shape and OneCurve 

- To Practice the shaping protocols in straight, curved training blocks and extracted teeth

- To Obturate the prepared training blocks/teeth by using greater taper gutta-percha points in

combination with “GuttaFlow bioseal”

Short cv

Dr. Eugenio Pedullà was graduated with honors in Dentistry at the University of Catania in 2003, he obtained his Ph.D. at the same university in 2007 and Master's Degree at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome in 2008.

Dr. Pedullà is currently Professor of Operative dentistry and Endodontics at the University of Catania, Italy.

Dr. Pedullà is active member of the Italian Academy of Endodontics (AIE) and Italian Society Of Conservative Dentistry (SIDOC); International Member of American Association of Endodontists (AAE) and European Society of Endodontology (ESE).

He is author of international and national published articles on nickel-titanium instruments and endodontics; he has won the Garberoglio award of the Italian Endodontic Society (SIE) as the best Italian Original Research in 2014.

Dr. Pedullà is speaker at national and international conferences and works in Catania, Italy, practicing especially Endodontics and Operative Dentistry.

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