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Marco Martignoni

New Approaches to the Full Endo Restorative Protocol R2C


Today’s Endodontic treatment gives the opportunity of obtaining fast and reliable treatments mainly due to the fact that instruments used for shaping the main canal are better performing. 

Flexibility and resistance are the key words for the new era but just as well  minimally invasiveness will leave teeth that will last better to function when properly restored.  

Today we can rely on a new approach based on reduced tooth structure removal so to leave more sound dentine in the restorative section of the tooth  and still achieve ideal endodontic treatment. 

The new instruments involved have a unique design associated with new metallurgic approach and, most important, can offer the chance to be minimally invasive due to reduced tapers and diameters.

In addition it is possible to monitor working length and all forces delivered on the instrument via software in real time so to optimize efficiency and safety.

Three dimensional obturation is by now obtained combining injection molded guttapercha cones or carrier based to the files used in order to fulfill all empty spaces rapidly following simple steps. 

New era of endodontics is more simple, fast and reliable but most importantly gives the chance of leaving more tooth structure.

Post-Endo restoration is then easily achieved using modern universal adhesives and composites in order to restore the endodontically involved teeth.

The choice of using a post or not is driven by the restoring plan based on the tooth type and involvement.

Final restoration should be suited to the treated teeth using all materials in the intention of recreating  the original conditions and preventing further damage.  

Final objective of the endodontic treatment is not only to get rid of the biological tissue and of the possible infection, but also develop a new system intended to work properly for the designed function as long as possible after the treatment is completed.

Short cv

Marco Martignoni is graduated con lode at University of Chieti in 1988.

From 1989 through 1991 he followed continuing education courses at the Henry Goldman school of Dental Medicine, Boston University USA, with dott. Herbert Schilder.

1992 he follows continuing education program with dott. Cliff Ruddle in Santa Barbara, California USA

He leads a private clinic in Rome Italy and dedicates his practice mainly at endodontics, pre-prothesic core buil-up and prosthodontics.

He has done and published research on post endodontic core build up

He is well known speaker and gave numerous lectures and practical workshops in Italy and worldwide on endodontics, on core build up and  on the use of operatory microscope in dentistry.    

He is founder of the Italian Accademy of Mycroscopic Dentistry and honorary member of the French Society of Endodontics

He is past-president of the Italian Society of Endodontics.

Professor at the Master in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry, University of Siena.

Partial time Professor at Steinbeis Transfer Institute Hochschule Berlin Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Dentistry.

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