APEC 2021


Hussain Faisal Al-Huwaizi

Lateral Canals: Clinical Implications and Treatment


The root canals have a wide range of different variations of anatomy as lateral canals, deltas isthmi etc.

Microorganisms can penetrate and hide in such remote and difficult to reach areas. New technology implemented in endodontics improved the cleaning and obturation of all the root canal.  

The lecture will include a review of the reasons for presence of lateral canals, their impact on periapical pathology and ways of treatment of such tiny canals.

Short cv

- Professor in the department of conservative dentistry, college of dentistry, University of Baghdad.

- PhD in conservative dentistry.

- Ex-dean of college of dentistry, university of Baghdad 2016-2019.

- Member in the International, European, Asian Pacific, Arab and Iraqi Endodontic society.

- Chairman of scientific committee in the Iraqi Dental Association.

- Participation in 270 scientific conferences and courses.

- National liaison officer of the association and the FDI.  

- Coordinator of the Iraqi Endodontic Society.

- Supervisor on 30 postgraduate students.

- 52 scientific publications.

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