APEC 2021


Arman Gazi

Endo vs Implants


The world of dentistry evolves just like the world in which we live.

As a healthcare professional, it is important to remain informed, especially since today’s patients research everything and are better informed. This overabundance of information can create incomprehension, confusion or misinformation …

It is best to use this information in order to guide them and also to maintain the relationship of trust which has to exist between ourselves and the patient. Contrary to this, we often think that the best treatment is written in books, but need to remember that every patient is different. It is important to listen to each patient, and try to understand them so as to better personalize their treatment.

This phase of the decision-making process is crucial in a healthy patient-practitioner relationship.

On the other hand, we are also bombarded with information (sometimes too much) whether it is from advertising, studies conducted by firms or independent articles.

To offer some clarity on this subject, I propose to present a review of literature on the rates of success and survival rates in implantology and endodontics. The purpose is to analyze these two alternative methods and to apply them better in our everyday practice.

Short cv

Arman Gazi

Exclusive Endodontist (Endo-Brussels)

University Of Brussels (ULB), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid)

Department of Endodontology (Hospital Erasme, ULB)

Endo Training Center (www.endotc.com)



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