APEC 2021


Taher Al Omari

Conservative Reciprocation, the Way to Future


Endodontics aims to eliminate dental disease and sustain periapical health, new product and materials are promoted to achieve this aim safely and efficiently. The R Motion files are new novel reciprocating files with pioneer concept to incorporate the minimal invasive endodontics with Reciprocating motion and gain benefits of both at the same time. 

The objectives of this lecture are to:  

1. Learn the new concept of reciprocating with R motion 

2. Understand the concept design of the R motion files 

3. Learn how to use the files 

4. Clinical case presentation 

5. Discussion and suggestions 

Short cv

Graduate from Jordan university in 2002 with BDS degree and finished master of restorative dentistry from university of the western cape, Cape town, south Africa in 2006. 

Obtained the Jordanian medical council certificate in endodontics in 2006 and worked as endodontist from 2006 until 2010.

Join the endodontic department in Al Hada military hospital in Taif KSA as consultant of endodontics and serve as course director for Saudi Endodontic Board certificate from 2011 until 2017.

Dr AlOmari obtained the M Endo RCSEd degree in 2013 from the Royal College of Surgeon in Edinburgh and is currently serve as “Examiner for the M Endo RCSEd degree” .

From 2017 until now, Dr AlOmari serve as assistant professor of endodontics at the Jordan university of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan.    

Dr AlOmari supervise many postgrads student and discuss many master’s thesis both locally and internationally, also Dr AlOmari evaluate many peer reviewed paper for international journals in the field of endodontics. 

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