APEC 2021


Mohsen Ramazani

Mishaps in Endodontics; Classification, Significance , Prevention


Endodontic field is not risk-free; a variety of technical accidents can compromise root canal treatment, affecting the prognosis and prejudicing the chances of the success. Root canal therapy includes an order of scientifically-based technical procedures. Lack of knowledge, its poor application, or a compromise or a break in the chain of proper procedures can lead to a number of accidents which totally named 'endodontic mishaps'. These accidents can occur during diagnosis, access preparation, cleaning and shaping, obturation and post-space preparation, surgeries, and recent therapeutic modalities such as VPT or regeneration some leading even to tooth loss. The clinicians of endodontics must have a basic knowledge of etiologic factors and methods of prevention as well as recognition, management and prognosis. This knowledge decreases the rate of failures and increases the likelihood of tooth saving. 

Hopefully at the end of this lecture the audiences would be reminded of a thorough understanding of endodontic mishaps, classification and prevention.

Short cv

Dr Mohsen Ramazani has a Masters in Endodontics. He is a member of the Iranian Center for Endodontic Research and the Research Institute of Dental Science. He is also member of the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science in Tehran, Iran.

Dr Mohsen Ramazani is also the APEC secretary.

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