APEC 2021


Jose Aranguren

Modern Endodontics, New Endodontic Procedures: Let´s Save Teeth


Endodontics is one of the most evolved specialties in dentistry, cases that a few years ago would go for extraction today we can maintain these teeth thanks to the new knowledge and the latest technology.

Modern endodontics has changed the old idea that endodontics was just doing root canal treatment and that is wrong ... today endodontics includes many more procedures (retreatment, apical surgery, revascularization, reimplantation, autotransplantation, treatment of vital pulp etc.) 


Periapical radiography is a somewhat crude tool to assess the presence or absence of periapical periodontitis, but until now it has been the only objective way of assessing the outcome of endodontic treatment. There is no doubt that CBCT is a more reliable and accurate tool for assessing periapical periodontitis. One of the aims of this presentation is to assess the potential impact CBCT will have on the success rates of endodontic treatment, and also to give a glimpse of how the outcome of endodontic treatment may be evaluated in the future. 

Considerable advancements have been made in the recent years in endodontic treatment. New endodontic materials have been developed (Microscopes, ultrasonics, MTA.…) Many teeth that are replaced by implant could be preserved with this technique. The other aim of the presentation, will be to evaluate the current literature on the outcome of endodontic pretreatment and apical surgery and will focus on the use of the ultrasonic instruments.

At the end of the presentation, participants should be able to:  

evaluate the potential and the outcome of endodontic treatment.  

understand the use of the new treatment instruments. 

describe the concept of total surgical treatment.

Short cv

José Aranguren 

-Head of Endodontics at the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid. 

-Chairman of the Postgraduate program in Advanced Endodontics at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. 

-Assistant Professor of Endodontics at the International Dental Institute in Palm Beach, Miami(USA). 

-Coordinator Professor of Adult Comprehensive Dentistry UEM. (2008-2010). 

-Title Degree in dentistry from the Universidad Europea de Madrid. (UEM 1995-2000). -Specialist in Endodontics, Specialty Certificated in Endodontics University Southern Mississippi (USM) (2000-2002). 

-Exclusive endodontist in private practice (Madrid). 

-More than 40 articles published in national and international journals. 

-Speaker of courses and lectures nationally and internationally. (Argentina, Portugal, USA, Austria, Swizertland, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Rusia, Brasil, Uruguay, Peru, Italy, Colombia, Canada and Mexico) 

-Award for best case report in 2006 by the National Congress of endodontics in Spain. -Co-author of the book “Microdentistry a practical guide”. (2014). 

-Member of the executive committee of the Spanish Association of Endodontics. (2008-2011) 

- Secretary of the Spanish Association of endodontics (2017-2020) 

- Active member of the American Association of Endodontics. 

-Member of the Carl Zeiss Dental Academy. 

-Vicepresident of the College of Dentistry and Stomatology of Madrid. 

- Elected president of the Spanish Association of Endodontics.

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