APEC 2021


Marc Krikor Kaloustian

How to Shape Root Canal System in a Safe and Predictable Way Using Endostar E3 Azure


In modern endodontics, shaping the root canal system is one of the main steps to ensure sufficient chemical disinfection followed by three-dimensional filling that would eventually lead to clinical and radiographic long-term success. 

In recent years, remarkable advances have been made in the endodontic instruments metallurgy, design and properties. Nevertheless, shaping errors like canal transportation, strip perforation, excessive enlargement, under preparation, and file breakage can still occur specially in difficult anatomy cases such us curved, long or narrow canals.

The objective of this presentation is to show an overview of the most common anatomical variations. The clinical management of the unusual morphology will also be discussed from the access cavity preparation to the shaping procedure. The purpose is to propose a reproducible, conservative and predictable way to shape unpredictable anatomy, using a heat-treated system, Endostar E3 Azure. 

Hands on with Endostar E3 Azure 

The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate an efficient and simple shaping technique that respects the canal anatomy in difficult cases.

Key learning points:


Understand the mechanical objectives of root canal shaping 

Assess the complex anatomy: progressive curvatures, abrupt curvatures and S shaped canals  

Describe the metallurgic properties and sections of shaping instruments 

Get familiar with reciprocation, OTR and rotation motions

How to maintain canal patency 

How to perform manual scouting 

How to accomplish smooth glide path 

How to do pre-flaring 

How to manage a deep shape

How to choose the proper taper for each canal 

How to complete the apical gauging 

Short cv

Professor Marc Kaloustian completed his DDS degree from the Saint Joseph University of Beirut in 1999.

He then obtained a Certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2000.

He pursued a Masters in Endodontics, Masters in Biomaterials and obtained his PhD in 2020 from the Saint Joseph University, Lebanon with honors. 

He is currently a Clinical Professor at the Department of Endodontology at the Saint Joseph University Dental School, Lebanon where he supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

He is an active member of the Lebanese Society of Endodotology and co-organizer of many international endodontic meetings. He is also a Gold member of Style Italiano Endodontics, an international lecturer with many publications in indexed journals.

He has a private practice in Beirut limited to Endodontics. 

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